The Polls Are Open!

What is a festival without a coveted and collectible t-shirt?

I’m not sure what the answer to that question is but I do have it on good authority that the designs we’ve put together for TwestivalSF do indeed rock!

Which design is best? That is for you to decide, twitterverse.

“But how do I vote?”

That is an excellent question. And we’ve provided the answer in three easy steps!

1. Follow @TwestivalSF on twitter
2. Select your favorite design from the 5 below
2. Tell “@TwestivalSF “I vote for design # (your favorite: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)”

Couldn’t be simpler. Give us your vote and you can be the proud owner of a limited edition, never to be produced again, piece of wearable awesomeness.

Design #1
Design #2
teemockup3Design #4Design #5



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4 responses to “The Polls Are Open!

  1. I love them all but #2 and #5 are my faves! So cute!!

  2. Can other Twestival organisers use SF designs fro raising funds as well?
    Ceers from BRUTwestival, Brussels, Belgium

  3. 1indienation

    5 all the way 🙂

  4. You could use to ask questions about the Twestival SF and to manage RSVPs.

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