Glitter Girl of Temple of Poi to Perform @TwestivalSF


We are very pleased to announce that Glitter Girl, @poipriestess, founder of Temple of Poi in San Francisco, will be performing at Twestival SF!

Forget the admonition “Don’t play with fire!” Here’s a chance to be introduced to the wonders of poi fire dancing. Poi, for the uninitiated, is an art form involving moving weighted objects — fire wicking, glow sticks, lights, beanbags or containers with water in them — on the end of a rope, chain, or cord, around the body. Beyond the spectacle, here’s a path to better understanding your inner self.

In addition to her performance, Isa is offering one lucky bidder an introductory course to Poi Fire Dancing! This 6 week course is valued at $180.

Study with 3 time Best of the Bay winners Temple of Poi, the premier poi school in the world serving over 1200 poi students since 2002.

At Temple of Poi, you begin with our Flowology Mindset™:

1. leave your judgment behind
2. choose powerful language; choose it consciously
3. compare yourself to yourself, through time, rather than anyone else

To learn more about Poi Fire Dancing, please visit


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One response to “Glitter Girl of Temple of Poi to Perform @TwestivalSF

  1. thanks for posting this — though my twitter id for anyone who wants to tweet is @poipriestess not glittergirl. 🙂

    look forward to @TwestivalSF on Thursday!

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