Twestival is an event that is taking place in over 200 cities around the world on February 12th. The event is being coordinated by Twitter users. Twitter is a social networking site with a base of over 4.5 million users worldwide. Twestival, the brainchild of a handful of twitter.com users, debuted in London in September, 2008. Intended to be a local networking affair where attendees could meet their contemporaries behind twitter avatars while also doing its bit for charity, it has evolved into much more.

A synchronized, global social media event of this scale is revolutionary. Thought-leaders in social media are already spreading the word virally. Twestival has garnered support from thousands of social media-savvy individuals and companies across the world to raise funds for CharityWater.org, getting word out through blogging, vlogging, Digging, tweeting and other online tools.
On Feb. 12, 2009, Twestival goes global. Participants will gather in over 180 cities all over the world, joining forces to raise money for CharityWater.org, a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Real people, real time, real power to make a difference.

The San Francisco Twestival event will take place at Paradise Lounge on Feb 12 at 6pm. The cover is $20 and you should buy your pre-sales now because this thing will probably sell out. Proceeds are to benefit CharityWater which gives 100 percent of the money raised to direct project costs, funding sustainable clean water solutions in areas of greatest need.

The Twestival SF team


If you’d like to be part of the Twestival SF team – and why wouldn’t you? – contact @krystyl: twestivalsf@gmail.com

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